Dear Zindagi (2016)

Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama, Romance
Duration: 2hrs 30mts
Director: Gauri Shinde
Producer: Gauri Khan, Karan Johar, Gauri Shinde
Music Director: Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy
Cast & Crew: Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan
Release Date: 25 Nov 2016


Plot & Summary

This is one of the best movie trying to showcase the emotions faced by youngsters while growing. Kaira the main character in the movie is played by Alia Bhat who has evolved as an amazing actor in the past few years. She plays the role of independent, confident and strong headed Cinematographer who is great with her job. But she faces a lot of internal issue and does not let anyone close to her. The only people that are close to her are her friends, with whom she feels very comfortable, respected and wanted. She does not feel comfortable speaking openly to her own parents or the person she dates. In relationships, she back-off or break-off relationship at the slightest hint of a possible issue in near future.

Initially, Kaira is shown to be dating people of different professions and her only criteria is being tall & handsome. She initially is shown to date Sid (role played by Angad Bedi) who is a restauranteur. This relationship does not last long as she thinks that Sid does not give priority to her over his work.

Second person she starts to have feeling is Raghuvendra (role played by Kunal Kapoor), who works with her. Though Raghuvendra seems to the perfectly individual who also appreciates her work, she is unable to express her feeling. Raghuvendra openly tell her that he would working alongside his Ex-Girlfriend so that Kaira does not take it other way. Instead Kaira takes it negatively and holds back sharing any feeling for him. She avoids having any conversation with him and then gets hurt badly after few days. This happens after she comes to know about Raghuveendra’s engagement to his Ex-girlfriend.


Meeting Dr.Jehangir Khan

Kaira realizes the need to have a conversation with Psychiatrist to clear up her mind. This bring the most important character in the movie, Dr Jehangir Khan (role played by Sharukh Khan). Initially she indirectly shares about her problem by telling about her friend facing the problem. Doctor then shares a story to make her realize her mistake and admit that the problems are her own. Kaira then opens sharing about the various problem she faces.

  • Inability to sleep peacefully at night since her breakup with Raghuvendra.
  • Not willing to work something on a good project as she will have to work with Raghuvendra and his Ex-Girldfirend.
  • How she feels bad about people looking to judge her instead of accepting her.
  • The bad dreams that she gets of people laughing over her falling into dirty pit.
  • Inability to openly express her feeling of like, love or anger. How she finds it easier to express anger & resentment.
  • How she feels not very comfortable being free with her friends and not with her parents.

Internal problem she faces due to her parent’s leaving her in search of new opportunities aboard. She shares her attachment to her grand-parents and how her parents had to take her away from them. This only made her feel a lot more lonelier and not cared for enough in life.

All these points I mentioned are issue faced by many youngsters. The reasons for that are because they hold back sharing the concerns. Many of the issue ends up being bottled up and they start feeling that the world dislikes them.

The role of Dr.Jehangir is very critical during the entire movie. He is the one who helps brings back many of her lost pieces of Jigsaw puzzle in Kaira’s life. Some of the simple technique uses include – story telling, confronting family, having conversation with near & dear ones, discussing in beach/boat-cruise rather than closed room, open air, accepting the past, forgiving people and more. There is also a scene of Kaira cycling along with Dr.Jehangir.


Progressive Thinking

While she meets up with Dr.Jehangir on a regular basis, Kaira meets a budding singer in Rumi (role played by Ali Zafar). She finds him attractive and enjoy his company. Being a singer, Rumi always tries to spend time singing and playing music. Kaira enjoys the change but then soon she realizes that she does not like music that much and would rather than bored in due course. Though Rumi does everything possible to please her by stopping to playing music and ask her what she wants out of life.

Kaira shares her happiness in meeting Rumi but shortly express that her dislikes. She then takes a call the relationship early as she does not like being with singer. The cues for her actions are given by Dr.Jehangir who lets her taking decision to express rather than drag along.

The movie has some wonderful dialogues which one needs to hear very closely. Kaira, being an emotional starts to feel bad as the sessions with Dr.Jehangir comes to an end. But by this time, she has builds up enough confidence to face people, confront her issue and take necessary action. She also forgives her parents for her pasts and starts to accept her present.

Though there are many more things I can share about the movie, I think its good for anyone to see it for yourself.

About Director

Its undoubtedly one of the best movies I have seen which intends to dwell into deeper emotional issue. The director Gauri Shinde has directed ‘English Vinglish’ which was another emotional rollercoaster about a lady.


The movie has got some amazing tracks that seems have been put at the right times. My favourite among all of these is the “Love You Zindagi” track.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1 Love You Zindagi Jasleen Royal, Amit Trivedi 0.16
2 Tu Hi Hai Arijit Singh 0.14
3 Taarefon Se Arijit Singh 0.19
4 Lets Break Up Vishal Dadlani 0.17
5 Just Go To Hell Dil Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi 0.23
6 Love You Zindagi (Club Mix) Alia Bhatt 0.15
7 Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le (Take 1) Arijit Singh 0.12
8 Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le (Take 2) Alia Bhatt 0.13
9 Taarefon Se (Film version) Ali Zafar 0.19
10 Tu Hi Hai (Film version) Ali Zafar 0.14


This movie needs to be watched by every youngster, parents and elders. We all end up acting and feel that it may not hurt others feeling. There are times when people feel it nice to keep emotions bottled up and close the doors to outsiders. The movie showcases how it is necessary to be rational in life rather than letting person emotional strongly influence oneself. Some emotions can cause deep wounds that stay fresh which can only have healed by confronting it. Another approach would be reach out to someone one feel very comfortable sharing feeling and take advises. It’s also necessary to never not take anyone for granted. Finally, one should make peace with past to have a good present and great future.

I highly recommend that everyone should watch this movie as there is learning for all.



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