Race-3 (2018)

Language: Hindi
Genre: Action, Thriller
Duration: 2hrs 40mts
Director:  Remo D’Souza
Producer: Ramesh S Turani, Salman Khan
Music Director: Salim Sulaiman
Cast & Crew: Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem, Freddy Daruwala
Release Date: 15 June 2018


Plot & Summary

The movie revolves around the family of Shamsher Singh (Anil Kapoor) who owns private Al-Shifa island used for trading arms and narcotics.  His main rival in the operations is Rana Vijay (Freddy Daruwala).  The initial scene shows Shamsher visiting his base on a helicopter and dealing with a traitor in his facility.  Later we see Shamsher’s car being attacked by rival Rana Vijay’s gang.  Shamsher escapes and this brings up 4 new characters– Sikandhar Singh (Salman Khan), Sanjana (Daisy Shah), Suraj (Saqib Shaleem) and Yash (Bobby Deol).  All of them attack Rana Vijay’s hideout to teach a lesson.  Though they are unable to get Rana, we get to see some great action sequences and wonderful comradery between the characters. Highlight of the action sequence is the air-gliding by Sikhandhar from top of one building and landing at the action-location.  But like in the earlier Race-3 movies, one cannot expect when the next twist in the story would come.  To share a little info on the relationships, Sikandhar – Shamsher’s brothers son, Sanjana & Suraj – Shamsher’s twin kids, Yash – one of close family members.   Shamsher has complete trust in Sikandher for his abilities and work ethics.  And constantly Shamsher rewards Sikandhar more than his own twin children.  We then see the hurt mentality within the minds of twins and their possible desire to pull-down Sikhandhar.

Another main characters in the movie is Jessica (Jacqueline Fernandez), Sikhandar’s love interest.  Sikhandhar meets Jessica in Beijing and falls in love.  But their relationship ends abruptly when Sikhandhar comes to know that Jessica is just a small-time robber.  Sikhandhar only tells his family that Jessica has gone missing but does not reveal her identity or profession.

What follows next post this are plenty of twist and turns which lets audience thinking in different directions.  Few things that happen include – Jessica comes back as Yash’s girlfriend, Sanjana & Suraj finding out about Jessica & Sikhandhar past relationship, Twins getting closer to Yash, hatching a plot to bring down Sikhandhar.  It only after Sikhandhar is assumed to be captured & killed that many more mysterious facts are revealed.

One needs to watch until the last sequence to know the real culprit and motive behind the same.  But like in all the Race movies, there is loads of entertainment for the audience.


  • This surely is one of the cool looking action movie in Hindi that I have watched in a while.
  • There is a certain swag about everything that is shown in the movie.  Like the location, outfits, cars (Bugati, Ferrari & so on), dialogues.
  • The movie had all the thrills of bike chase, sky diving, car chases and the good old boxing.
  • Among the stars, Bobby Deol looks sharp, lean and fit.  This can be considered as his comeback movie.
  • Highlight among the fights sequence would be the fist-fight between Bobby & Salman in which both strip their shirt down to reveal the 6 packs.  Another fight that I loved was the one between Jaquiline & Daisy in which they both fall in splits & exchange punches.
  • Every song in the is very different and amazing.  It’s not like the contemporary very high beat songs but very soothing & enjoyable.
  • Picturization of the movie is simply awesome.  Especially the songs are shot at some truly exotic location.
  • I have been a fan on Jacquieline from some time now.  She has done amazing job throughout the movie.
  • Salman as an actor looks simply awesome.  The best scene is when Salman lifts the box of rock-launcher and fires 2 missiles at approaching cars.  Some of the other scenes that Salman excels is the romance, seriousness, fight sequence and more.


Among the songs, my favourite songs are “Heeriye” and “Selfish”.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1 “Heeriye” Deep Money, Neha Bhasin, Kamaal Khan 05:05
2 “Selfish” Atif Aslam, Iulia Vantur 04:57
3 “Allah Duhai Hai” (Original composition by Pritam) Amit Mishra, Jonita Gandhi, Sreerama Chandra, Rap:Raja Kumari 04:43
4 “Party Chale On” Mika Singh, Iulia Vantur 04:03
5 “I Found Love” (Original composition by Ali Jacko & Jayanta Pathak) Salman Khan, Veera Saxena 04:51
6 “Ek Galti” Shivai Vyas 03:57
7 “Saansain Hui Dhuan Dhuan” Gurinder Seagal, Payal Dev, Iulia Vantur 02:36
8 “Selfish” (Solo) Atif Aslam 04:59
9 “Selfish” (Unplugged) Atif Aslam 05:08
10 “Race 3 Mashup” Various 04:13


This was one of the movies I was waiting to see from long time.  Though I could not go for the first show, I went for the 2nd show and for sure it did not disappoint me one bit.  The actions sequences, picturization and songs in the movie are simply awesome.  Many of the action stunts were cheered by people and it was fun.  Though I have heard a lot of negative comments from people, it truly surprises me.  The only area where I thought they could have improved is the screen.  Otherwise, this movie is an out and out entertainer.  They also reveal that next part of Race might come soon which might again star Salman Khan.



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