Celebrity Premier League of Devaki (2019)

A special screening of the Devika (Kannada) happened last evening that was attended by many of the celebrated personalities from Kannada Film Industry. Some of the leading star present included – Priyanka Upendra, Upendra, Aishwary (Upendra’s daughter), Ravichandran, Rragini Dwivedi – Actor, Sanjjanaa Galrani, Gurukiran and many more.IMG_20190703_190856

About the movie – Devaki

An extremely good movie that’s an edge of the seat thriller. The movie revolves around a mother’s Devaki (role played by Priyanka Upendra) search for her kidnapped daughter Aaradhya (role played by Aishwary Upendra).IMG_20190703_191220

The movie starts on a mysterious where in they show a girl’s body lay by Howrah bridge at Kolkata.  We then see the love between a single mother Devaki and her daughter Aaradhya.  But every conversation there is doubt created as Devaki seems to hide something.  They also show some gangsters making plans to kidnap someone.  The girl is kidnapped, and we assume that it might be the same set of people who were roaming around.  Devaki goes in search of her missing daughter along another suspect auto-person.  But again, as audience we start to doubt everyone that Devaki comes across.  While Devaki goes on to search for daughter like crazy in the middle of night at some remote place.  Later she does seek help from policy who try to help her out.

The movie then shows the life of few regular kidnapper who take children and do flesh-trade. Director has tried to show a lot of reality as we can see the children being brought are subject to brutality & made to shame.

As the movie progress, there is so many new things that unfolds, especially about Devaki, her family, kidnappers and their motives.  But it’s hard to predict as there are many things that creates doubt.  There is so much to tell about the movie, but one needs to watch it.IMG_20190703_225033

The movie is also specially dedicated to all mothers, who love and care for their children a lot.

About Director & Actors

Kudos to the director for brining in the subject of Child trafficking, Kidnapping, Police, Criminals and more. It great to take up a movie that has multiple languages being spoken.  But the director has excelled in bringing synergy between actors speaking in different language.  A big thumbs up to the script of the movie that makes every scene interesting. IMG_20190703_224924

Priyanka Upendra has done tremendous job in the movie along with her daughter Aishwarya. The other characters have done amazing job and made things look so real.

Shot in the busy Kolkata area, I am sure it might have been a challenge to shoot.  But ‘Devika’ movie team has managed it very well.

Premier Show

The movie ended but the celebrities present had a lot of share about the movie.IMG_20190703_221730

Real Star Upendra himself personally had a lot of good words for the script and the director. He also mentioned that it watched with rapt attention and thought this could be a big hit.IMG_20190703_222955

Crazy Star Ravichandran also had good things to say about the movie.IMG_20190703_215625

Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjjana Galrani also appreciated the movie immensely for this being a woman centric movie. They believe that this movie will give more opportunities for female-centric movies.

The crowd went crazy about the movie and cheered for the movie & start. I am sure this movie has an opportunity to be a blockbuster.  Thanks to Rubin Raj for inviting for a special Celebrity Premier League. The concept of Movie Premiers is becoming very popular and hoping that there will many more to come in near future.IMG_20190703_225932

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