SAAHO – Press Conference in Bangalore

SAAHO is one the latest movie starring Prabhas & Shraddha Kapoor that got the fans talking. The trailers this movie to be an out and out action/thriller movie. Estimated 350 crores has been spend for making the movie that’s Directed by Sujeeth and Produced by Vamsi. The movie is scheduled to release on 30-Aug’19 in 3 language – Telugu, Tamil & Hindi.IMG_20190823_145617

Prabhas, the hero of the Saaho, shot to fame after the huge success of Bahubali series. People across the country admire him and have high expectations on whatever venture he sets out to do. The actor was in Bangalore Leela Palace to promote the movie, share updates and answer queries.


“Saho” or “Saaho” means strongest person on earth who can make people happy fighting against Bad people and it is like Jai Ho (జై హో) in Telugu.

Prabhas looked cool in his black sweatshirt and simple pants. The actor seems to be so much grounded in-spite of huge success and wealth. Few points made by actor during Q&A.IMG_20190823_145603

The actor described about the special vegetarian diet plan he followed to get into shape for the movie.

Movie was shot for 2 years across 6-8 different countries.  During the making of the movie Prabhas did not take up any other assignments.

He shared info about one of the action sequences that cost around 75 crores.  It was done to get the right impact for the movie and to reach out to audience.

There is a growing trend to release multi-lingual movies like in Bahubali & KGF (Kannada).  Audience enjoy watching movie if it has a good story & script.  Prabhas also commented that this change will encourage people making movies in other regional languages to also release in other regions.

The actor would love to act in a Kannada movie in future. He was also appreciative of the success for KGF as its received recognized across the country.

When asked question about acting in religious movie like ‘Bhaktha Prahalad’, the actor showed that he was very much interested.IMG_20190823_151839

After this movie, the actor is doing a romantic movie for which the shooting already completed 30 days.

The actors when asked question about Bangalore became nostalgic and told about the time when we visited the place when he was 16yrs. He described Brigade as being an International destination due to the vibrancy in shopping and amazing crowd.IMG_20190823_151825

Closing Thoughts

During the event they showed all of us the trailer of the movie and played some of the song videos like Psycho, Bad Boy. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the movie and watch it on the first day.

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